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Thank you for volunteering to Coach in the WBYF Association

How to find your contact information

In an effort to automate the setup process and keep clean records this season, we've setup a new report for you to view your roster information.

So that we can keep the information private, each of you has been granted access to a private page for your team. When you click into your team page, you will see a page at the top of the screen appear with Team Name/Coach.

This page is only accessible to you the coach. It will contain a report of the specific information for your roster and is available to export as a CSV/Excel File. 


Please Email Mike Mason ( if you have any questions. 

Thanks and Go Bears!

See Page Title at the top of the screen

Roster Number and Position

Coaches - 

Once you have decided upon the roster numbers and positions for your players. Please make sure to add these to your roster page on your team page. 

Step 1 - Click on Roster in your team page
Step 2 - Click Edit mode
Step 3 - Click Manage Team (Note - this is the same system that you can message your players from and use RSVP system. This also ties into the SportsEngine mobile app. See below for more details)
Step 4 - Click the Player
Step 5 - Click the pencil icon
Step 6 - Fill in the player information

You and SportsEngine


On this page you will find information (guides, links and videos) about popular topics on the SportsEngine Platform. Key help topics include  helping coaches and parents manage and follow teams and topics helping parents set up their accounts and get messages. SportsEngine offers an in depth help center with help documents and videos at In addition, there is a thriving community where we provide practical use cases for features as well as a place to ask questions and get tips form other organizations on the platform. Go to to explore the community site.

If, after reviewing the information on this page and, you can't find your answer, please contact SportsEngine directly at


One of the essential functions of coaches and team managers is to  manage team communications with players and their families.  If you are a coach or team manager, SportsEngine has created a Team Management Guide for Coaches and Team Managers to help you use our website and mobile app to efficiently and effectively communicate and manage your teams.